Talents results and Moodboard

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  1. PAST/PRESENT CONNECTOR: I like researching background information on a lot of topics that interest me, random things like the Prohibition era, famous people biographies, history-related events like WWII, etc. My favorite era were the 1920s. I’m always curious to learn random facts from the past, History was always my favorite course in high school. I can relate to being fascinated by historical events and the lives of people, everytime I read an article about someone or something, I can’t help myself and I have to do some digging until I fully understand the topic. (Black & White pictures from Paris, me in Paris last year)
  1. ERROR EAGLE: I can definitely relate to being a perfectionist, specially when it comes to studying and making summaries for exams. I need to have everything in order, organized by chapters, color-coded highlighters, post-its, etc., or else I find it harder to study. Having everything perfect and organized gives me motivation to do stuff. I am very sensitive to mistakes I make and I always do my best to correct them. (picture with the laptop and the perfect notes)
  1. BEAUTY SEEKER: Aesthetics is really important to me. From my room decoration to my school outfits and makeup everyday, I always enjoy putting things together nicely and taking my time considering how things look their very best. My favorite way to capture beauty is through photography, I’m always taking pictures of views, landscapes and places I visit that I find beautiful and captivating. (Pretty Lima sunset and Barcelona pictures taken by me)
  1. KNOWLEDGE SPONGE: Browsing the internet, reading and discovering new places are definitely my top 3 favorite activities to do. Reading at any time in the day always relaxes me, I always make sure that wherever I go I carry a book with me to distract myself every now and then. I am a very curious person, no matter what random topic I am find myself accidentally reading in the internet, if it catches my eye I will stop to do more research on that topic, google information and look on Wikipedia. I like finding out new information, no matter what the topic. Traveling and discovering new places are one of my favorite things to do. Wherever I go, I always do research on what are the top sights to see and photograph in that city. It gets me even more excited for the trip. (books, laptop with polaroid pictures and camera with a map images)

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