Project Planning + Project Summary + Financial plan + Minutes of the meetings

Project Planning

March 8th– Create the group chat in order to start the project as soon as possible.

March 11th– Inform the group members that i wasn’t going to be available to meet up in person during the Easter Break, so that we had to meet up before.

March 14th– Read Talent’s Module 8 so that i was informed about what we needed to do for the first meeting

March 15th– First meeting and Brainstorming session in the library at Campus Kantienberg

March 16th- Share the Word document with all the brainstorm ideas to the members that didn’t come to the first Brainstorming session

March 23rd– Second meeting in the library at Campus Kantienberg

March 29th- Third group meeting

April 11th– Read the finished Power Point and suggest changes where necessary

April 20th– Final version of the Power Point ready

April 22nd- Upload final Power Point to chamilo.

April 24th- Meet up after IBE class and divide the roles (who says who) and learn the presentation

May 2nd- Day of the presentation

“The Sunshine Campaign”

For my group’s Sustainability project, we are organizing a campaign in order to help improve the lives of children with special needs and psychological problems. Our plan is to sell a product so we can afterwards donate all the profits to an organization that helps children here in Ghent, Belgium called “Red Nose Day”.

The name of the campaign is Sunshine campaign because the word “sunshine” is related to happiness and joy, and that’s what we want to give these children through our small contribution with the help of other students from Artevelde University College.

The Sustainable goals that we want to achieve with this project are that of no poverty and of good health and well being for those children in need that we are trying to help out.

The product we are going to sell are recycled T-shirts, with the help of our sponsor, an eco-friendly company called Ink-Apparel, who will do the printing of the logo of the campaign in the T-shirts for free to support our cause.

To get the most amount of revenues for us to donate to the charity, we have to spread the word as much as possible. We will do this through social media by making an event on Facebook with all the details concerning this project and sharing it to as much Artevelde students as we can find. We will also do this by sending an email to students and teachers about the event to their Artevelde accounts. We also planned on making a few big hand made posters ourselves to put up around the Kantienberg and Kattenberg campuses describing the main information about the event and also featuring the logo of our sponsor.

The event will take place for one week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30 am till 6 pm at the Artevelde University College Kantienberg campus in the Winter Garden area, as well as the main entrance of the campus.

On the day of the event there will be 2 sale stands in the Winter Garden area and 1 sale stand on the reception area/school entrance. As there are 5 members of the team for the campaign, 3 members are going to be in the stands in the Winter garden. The remaining 2 members will be at the stand on the reception. In each sales stand 1 member will be in charge of getting the t-shirts for the customers and the other one will be in charge of the money and of guarding and storing the profits safely.

Financial Plan for the “Sunshine campaign”

Below you will find the Budget plan for this campaign. You can see in this excel sheet the total costs for making the T-shirts (which colors, sizes, the amount of each), as well as the costs for renting the 3 sales stands for the days in which the event will take place. In total, the costs are of 343.50 euros, and the expected revenues are of 975 euros, which will give us 631.50 euros to donate to the “Red Nose Day” foundation.



Minutes of the meetings to develop the “Sunshine campaign”


Sustainability Minutes 2



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